Moscow is the international car salon. What else can be said? Together with cars from the whole world packed full of the newest and innovative technologies presenting luxurious car salons and the most powerful power packs there is one more thing without which all this car beauty wouldn’t be full. These are luxurious Russian ladies caressing iron horses with their forms.


Thousands of visitors come to look at different pieces of art. Tired of understanding technical characteristics and analyzing advantages and drawbacks, admiring constructor and designer mind? Then have a look at beautiful Russian girls who long ago became an integral part of any car salon.

In Russia there are beautiful girls and expensive cars – the best combination for a well-to-do man. Every year on Moscow car shows we can see numerous awesome cars and luxurious ladies - models who stress their beauty and exquisiteness of luxury cars. It’s the best place to find ideal Russian girls near the sexiest cars

In real life girls who work in international car salons in Moscow aren’t called models. They are officially called ‘product specialists’. To our mind, it’s a humiliating name for the most beautiful and sexy girls in Russia. Agree that this dry name doesn’t fit the beautiful half of humanity. However, girls aren’t offended because of this, as this work is well paid. As a rule, they get 300-500 dollars a day. However, you should understand that such money is paid only to those who went through a strict selection for a right to present this or that model of a car. And surely there is a single aim of manufacturers – to attract your thoughts, dreams and strivings with the help of models to new products being presented on the show.

Probably, there is no better way in the whole world to make customers’ mind think of a car than a beautiful woman. A sexy and hot model girl attracts attention to her, but in real life on a subconscious level people start being interested in a car on a stand.

Russian girls in these photos are well beyond elegance and make hearts of thousands of men beat faster. However, believe that everything is designed so, it’s a tactic of car selling in Russia.

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