In Russia, as in many countries today, there is a beautiful tradition to wear traditional costume not only on a theme holiday, but also during the everyday leisure, for example, in the circle of friends, after work. There are such traditions in Sweden, Poland, Germany and Ukraine. It looks very joyful, bright, colorful and positive. In Russian folk costumes have something magical, bewitching and steady. To every Russian woman it is very important to know her roots; belonging to the old traditions provides her the feeling of safety and relevance.


In Russia, the national costume always had features depending on the region and was divided on routine and festive. By national clothes were able to find out where a person comes from, to which social class she belongs. In the Russian costume and its decoration was laid symbolic information about the whole family, about its occupation, customs and family events.

The main difference between the female national costumes was the multi-composition / multilayered, a richness of finishing and a simple, straight or slightly flared silhouette. The waist did not emphasize.

The colors were mostly bright and joyful. With all the abundance of different clothes, in ancient Russia there were several basic sets of Russian women's costume. This is a sundress set (for northern latitudes and Siberia) and combined set (South Russian, more ancient). At the same time, the shirt has always been the basis of women's attire. As a rule, the shirts were made of linen or cotton, while the more expensive ones were made of silk.

Married women always had their heads covered - this was a strict tradition. The most serious insult to a married woman was to tear off her headdress. The women were wearing it even among close relatives. Usually the hair was covered with white or red linen kerchief – ‘Ubrus’. Noble women preferred silken headscarves. In winter, on the top of a scarf they put on round hats made of expensive fabric with fur trim.

Young Russian girls wore their hair loose with a ribbon or braided it. Most often, the braid was one - on the back of the head. The headdress of the girls was a crown; they made it from leather or birch bark and covered with a golden fabric.

We offer you to check the photos of girls and women in Russia in traditional dresses of the XVII-XIX century, which became again popular nowadays. A photo in national costume today is an obligatory attribute of the home photo collection of every Russian woman.

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