Siberia is a vast land which can be generous as well as severe. Here exquisite elegance of women contrasts with a monochrome landscape paralyzed with colds. This photo report is a reflection of life of ordinary Siberian beauties, girls and women from the east-west of Russia


In the north eastern part of Russia a vast region called Siberia stretched out. It occupies the major part of Russian Federation and its size exceeds the territory of Canada. This land charms with its impenetrable forests, deep rivers and diversity of animal and plant life. Among these not very amiable but charming beauties live women with strong bodies and souls – the charming Siberian women.

It’s hard to say why, but these are Siberian girls who possess a special charm that makes them the most beautiful women in the whole Russia. Modern ladies who live in Siberia in sunny summer and in cold winter always look flawless. Even in winter cold wearing warm fur coats and shearling coats hide tender, sensitive and feminine Russian beauties.

Siberian women differ from European ones in their romantic natures. They like to dream and they believe in love for the whole life. They are ready to sacrifice for the sake of their families and their close people. Such character traits can’t be often met today, that’s why they are very much valued by men. However, these Siberian princesses aren’t so naïve. If they need, they can show their characterful nature. It should be specially admitted that local girls are inborn housewives.

Girls in Siberia are beauties of European type. In these photos they have beautiful feminine faces with big eyes from brown to blue shades, straight noses and tempting lips. Their hair color also surprises with its diversity. Here you can also come across a tender blonde, a hot brunette and a red one – genetic diversity of peoples living here shows itself.

Beauty of woman’s body also makes a magnetic effect upon men – Siberian ladies possess splendid bodies, high breasts and tempting thighs embodying classical understanding of Russian beauty and sexuality. There’s no wonder that Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, and Tomsk are a homeland of many famous Russian models shining on podiums of Milan, New York and Paris.

Naturally, these girls in general don’t differ much from the majority of typical Russian women, but to our opinion one can discern some special features in them. Here is a photo collection of various girls from these region of Russia is presented. We are sure that you’ll like them!

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